McKenize Court Route

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McKenzie Court
IMF Terminal (601 23rd Ave.) :00
Stillman Blvd. and Lurleen Blvd. (Dunkin Donuts) :03
Stillman Blvd. and 28th Avenue (Intersection Entering TDOT) :03
Stillman Blvd. and MLK Blvd. (Dollar General) :05
6th Street and 33rd Avenue :07
6th Street and 36th Avenue :07
36th Avenue and 8th Street :08
36th Avenue and 9th Street :08
36th Avenue and 15th Street (Stillman College) :09
Stillman College Main Entrance :10
40th Street (West Gate Shopping Center) :11
Creekwood Apartments :11
Hay Court Apartments (3 Stops) :13
21st Street and 40th Avenue (West Highland Cemetery) :14
Stillman Heights (Oak Hill School) :15
Herman Avenue and 22nd Street (Cordell Winn Housing Complex) :16
Herman Avenue and 23nd Street :16
McKenzie Court (4 Stops) :17
Shelton State (C.A. Fredd Campus) :19
McDonald Hughes Center :20
Maude Whatley Health Center :21
MLK Blvd. and 25th Avenue (Winston Groceries) :22
MLK Blvd. and 21st Avenue :23
Westlawn Middle School :24
Central Elementary School :25
Barnes YMCA :26
T.Y. Rodgers and 18th Street (Just Past St. Mark AME Church) :26
T.Y. Rodgers and 20th Street (Near Weeping Mary Baptist Church) :27
John England Manor :28
23rd Street and 29th Avenue :29
23rd Street and T.Y. Rodgers Avenue :30
Elizabeth Baptist Church :31
Elm Street and 26th Street :32
Elm Street and Cherry Street :32
Elm Street and Pine Street (Kaulton Park) :32
29th Street and 33rd Street (Tuscaloosa Technology Academy) :34
Stacy's Foodmart :34
29th Street and 39th Court (Lincoln Park #1) :35
29th Street and Foster Ferry Road (Plum Grove Baptist Church) :37
Foster Ferry Road and 25th Place (Fast Stop Grocery) :38
Foster Ferry Road and 24th Street (Washington Square) :39
Foster Ferry Road and 22nd Street (Foster Ferry Apartments) :39
Foster Ferry Road and 19th Street :40
Foster Ferry Road and 16th Street (1/2 Block From 15th St.) :40
Stillman Blvd. and 31st Avenue (Stillman Tobacco Outlet) :42
28th Avenue and Stillman Blvd. (Intersection Entering TDOT) :43
Capital Park :43
Tuscaloosa News :44
Riverhill Apartments (Just Past The Amphitheater) :45
Tuscaloosa County Public Library :46
IMF Terminal (601 23rd Ave.) :50
Intermodal Facility Terminal (601 23rd Ave.) :50

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