About Us

The Tuscaloosa County Parking and Transit Authority was set up by an act of the Alabama Legislature in 1971. The Trolley system currently operates in the city of Tuscaloosa. We are governed by a 7 member board. The office staff includes the Director, Assistant Director, Scheduler/Dispatcher, Customer Service/Accounting Assistant, Office Clerk, Shop Supervisor and Routing Coordinator. We employ 11 full time Fixed Route drivers, 5 Demand Response drivers, 1 driver/floater, 3 Mechanics, and several part-time employees.

Office Staff
Executive Director: Russell Lawrence
Accountant: Keith Garrett
Routing Coordinator: Jesse White
Scheduler/Dispatcher: Jennifer Martin
Office Clerk: Matthew Taylor
Customer Service/Acct. Assistant: Luke Cameron
Shop Supervisor: Greg Brown
Adam Geeslin
Mechanics: Steven Banks
Taylor Wall

The move to Trolley Illusion buses came out of a study started in 1998 showing that we needed smaller more economical buses. The look blends well with the historic nature of the town. Tuscaloosa's street car line was first put into place in 1882. Patrons could ride in streetcars drawn by mules and horses up Greensboro Avenue to the river and over to 22nd street. In 1888, steam-powered trolleys replaced the old horse-drawn system. In 1915 the electric trolley system began operating. In 1941, gas-powered buses replaced the trolley system. The new trolley system was begun in the fall of 1999 as a joint effort of the City of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa Transit Authority. The trolley is an illusion, it is an El Dorado Transmark RE bus, painted to look like a trolley.